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Call Out for Virtual B2B Meetings – Meet Intl. Music Supervisors & Synch Agents – Mon., Dec. 12, 2022 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM

Join CAAMA on Monday, December 12, 2022 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM for a session of virtual curated B2B meetings with some of the world’s top music supervisors.

While opportunities and revenue from the Live Music sector was unpredictable, music placements in screen-based media has remained a constant growth area throughout the pandemic shutdowns and restrictions. According to Digital Music News, digital advertising spending grew by double digits in 2020 and is predicted to crack $300 billion in the U.S. and $700 billion globally in 2022. The growth in opportunities for music sync placements correlates to the growth in the number of new TV shows in production and music-driven video games.

The B2B meetings will take place the day before Mark Frieser, founder of the Sync Summit moderates a panel on music supervision for CMW VIRTUAL VOICES webinar. Slated to air on Tuesday, December 13 from 1:00 to 2:00 PM EST.

See below for pointers on how best to present your music when pitching to a music supervisor.

Contact Kathy Hahn for more details.


How to Pitch Your Music to a Music Supervisor or Synch Agent

Synchronization means to synchronize the audio to the picture frames on a piece of film. In publishing, this means a license which allows a media company to synch your song to a screen-based media production. Media can include advertising, theatrical movies, TV,  specialty channels & networks, trailers, video games, etc.) Many licenses are on a non-exclusive basis.

You are selling one song, not an artist or album.

Submit not more than three of your strongest songs – Do not submit whole albums

Refine your genre. Present either folk, or rock or jazz etc. Do not present all genres. This is not about showcasing diversity of musical styles and genres. You want to earn the reputation for one genre.

Always follow through on the opportunities presented. Be professional, courteous.

Keep an instrumental version ready of the song you submit.

Why is synchronization worth pursuing?

It generates its own income and can cross pollinate your music to a new audience.

You will be paid for the license, and can also earn royalties on performances.

It is said top sync agents can receive more than 500 email pitches a day. The one-on-one meetings provides a valuable opportunity to connect with a music supervisor and have a chance to present your music.

When communicating by email, include

  • Music genre
  • Artist name
  • Streaming & mp3 download links
  • Metadata on the tracks (Song registration & release info, publishing & share splits)
  • Artist Bio
  • Artist Pics
  • Your contact info

Have a split sheet on music creators ready to submit if requested (who wrote what, what percentage of the song is theirs, who each of the publishers are and what their percentages are)

Align yourself with a great producer. Create a production team – share credits with the producer to get them onboard and keep them engaged.

Lyrically don’t include names or places that would limit the appeal of the song. Remove yourself from the equasion. Don’t personalize the song, keep a universal in perspective. The greater the universal approach, the wider the audience appeal and potential. Use the music to convey a feeling and set the mood for the scene.

You are not writing singles for this exercise; Include more musical breaks to allow for spaces which set the tone and mood.

Be prepared for your songs to be rejected, this is par for the course so do not take it personally. It is a learning curve. It may take time get a song accepted, though once it is, the turn-around on materials is immediate, so be prepared.

Develop a reputation for keeping the submission process as effortless for the music sups as possible. Make sure you are clear the rights for the songs you submit. If there are co-writers, make sure you have written permissions from each of them, in order for you to proceed. On their behalf In addition to the creator’s rights, make sure the songs are published. If you are not signed to a publishing company, then create your own publishing company for your assets and register it with your local performance rights organization (ie SOCAN.)


We look forward to welcoming you onsite. Meet with new potential business partners, re-new old acquaintances and pursue new international trade opportunities. CAAMA members receive a discount on their CMW registration.

The International Marketplace hosted close to 1,000 B2B meetings around CMW in 2023. The 2024 Spotlight is on India, home to IPI (India Phonographic Industry) – the 2nd oldest music industry org. in the world involved in protecting copyright When CAAMA produced its Spotlight on India in 2010, only 7.5% of India was connected to the internet. In 2022 India was ranked as the 2nd largest online market worldwide, 2nd only to China. Now, 52% of India is connected, The 2024 Spotlight will tap new opportunities which were not accessible 14 years ago.  CAAMA’s 2024 Spotlight will provide fresh access to this industry, which is one of the world’s most established.

Sign in online here to participate in the pre-arranged, curated B2B meetings.

CAAMA’s International Marketplace trade hub will be open daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM EDT during CMW.

You will find us in the room with all the flags.

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