Call-Out For Meetings for 2018 Focus on Mexico


CAAMA welcomes the first round of mission participants for the 2018 FOCUS ON MEXICO. Every year CAAMA hosts incoming missions from different countries to take part in CMW’s International Trade Program. This mission marks the first-ever Official delegation from MEXICO to participate in a full trade program at Canadian Music Week.

The first round of mission participants from Mexico confirmed to date include:

  • Alex Moreno-Martz, CEO, Founder – Lennon Agency
  • Alfonso Muriedas – Nrmal Festival   (Festival)
  • Ana Rodriguez – Troker – MMF Latin America  (Manager, Market Specialist)
  • Andrea Prado – Lennon Agency  (Agency)
  • Armando Calvillo – OCESA    (Concert Promoter)
  • Brendan Moylan, Talent Buyer/Tour Coordinator – Grupo  Sicario
  • Bruno Bressa, Commercial Manager – Del King Entertainment
  • Damian Romero – General Manager & Artistic Director – MUTEK Festival
  • Fabian Rincon – Altafonte
  • Fabrizio Rafael Onetto Pedetti, Mgr. Content Exploitation & Artistic Devel. OCESA-Seitrack
  • Lynn Fainchtein, Founder, Music Sup. – Cassete  (Music Sup.)
  • Gerry Rosado, Founder, Director – Intolerancia Records, Circuito Indio  (Label)
  • Gonzalo Oliveros, Director – RMX  (Radio)
  • Hugo Diaz, General Director  – Grupo Sicario
  • Julian Morgan, Booking Manager – Grupo Sicario
  • Manú Charritton, General Producer, Booking – Festival Marvin CDMX18 Mexico City
  • Ricardo Haas Riviera – Showcenter Complex and Del King Entertainment
  • Sergio Arbelaez Ospina – FIMPRO      (Industry Conference)
  • Ulises Sanher – Tres Vinyl (Artist Development

Go here for more information on B2B meetings with Mexico at the International Marketplace.  Meetings will take place on Thursday, May 10, 2018  from 3:15 PM – 5:15 PM  International Marketplace: Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel – Lower Concourse – Hall E.

Go here to select your preferences for 1×1 B2B meetings. CAAMA will provide a comprehensive  report on Mexico’s music market which will be available in advance of the mission. to CAAMA members, the Canadian music industry at large, as well as CMW delegates,.

Mexico is One of the World’s Top Growth Markets
The music market in Mexico is the 2nd largest in Latin America, increasing by 23.6% last year to a total revenue of US $133.5 million. It ranks 15th worldwide, according to the latest Global Music Report published by The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry

(IFPI), moving up from #17 in 2015. The phenomenal market growth is driven by streaming, which jumped 60.7% year over year, to US $71.4 million, and was responsible for the majority of industry revenue in Mexico in 2016 at 53.5% of the total. They rank #8 for synchronization, #14 for Digital, and #17 for Physical.  With a population of more than 120 million, Mexico creates a potential hotbed for live touring. Mexico is a cost-effective touring opportunity for export-ready artists looking to increase their audience and attract new fans.

The incoming mission is produced in partnership with the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Music and the Arts (CAAMA).

The FOCUS ON MEXICO is scheduled for Thursday, May 10, 2018 at The Sheraton Centre Hotel.  Activities include a panel on the Mexican music market, with panelists from Mexico also featured throughout CMW’s regular programming menu. There are opportunities for formal and informal networking. CMW’s International Marketplace will present a series of curated, targeted business-to-business (B2B) meetings between CMW delegates and the incoming Mexican delegates. The International Marketplace at CMW will host a VIP networking reception for the Mexican mission participants.

The FOCUS ON MEXICO takes place during The Canadian Music Week conference and festival, which runs May 7-12 and spans seven nights of performances, with 500 showcasing artists at 40+ live music venues in downtown Toronto.

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