CAAMA Welcomes the First Official Mission from South Africa Spotlight on South Africa at CMW 2019

SPOTLIGHT ON SOUTH AFRICA AT CMW MAY 9-11 2019 : South Africa has been ranked by the World Bank one of the most industrialized in Africa. It boasts the second largest economy in Africa. South Africa is a prime destination for Canadian goods and services in Africa. In 2017, exports from Canada into South Africa totaled $917 million, according to the High Commission of Canada in South Africa.

Today South Africa is the 31st-largest market for recorded music, with the industry employing more than 20,000 people. Local music accounts for a third of all the music bought by South Africans. Gospel is the biggest selling genre in the country, with gospel artists having a large circuit of churches and church events to play at. Township jazz and blues, especially the kwela music of the ’40s and ’50s, are being redefined, while the country has a rich choral tradition and pop and rock musicians have made their mark internationally. Even techno-rave and house music have found its own variations in local culture. Kwaito and hip-hop are very popular, combining elements of rap,reggae and other musical styles into a distinctly South African style.

CAAMA is getting ready to welcome its first-ever official incoming mission from South Africa. Lauded for its peaceful transition from apartheid under the astute leadership of revered political prisoner and former president Nelson Mandela, South Africa stands out as a beacon of hope and democracy to the rest of the world. The country is now under the rule of Mandela’s political party, the African National Congress, since 1994.

With a population of 54.8 million people, South Africa has the 27th highest population in the world, in an area of 470,900 mi². To put this in context, it is about eight times smaller than Canada, with a population density 11 times greater than Canada.

It is a growth market. Streaming revenues saw a phenomenal increase of 89% in 2017.  Video streaming was also up 24% year over year. Worldwide, it also ranks #35 for Digital, #25 for Physical, #34 for Performing Rights and #26 for Synchronization Rights.

Meet the South African Mission Participants

The 2019 Spotlight on South Africa will provide a wide measure of entry points for Canadians to access for South African music market. Check back for more updates, though to date, mission participants include:

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For more information and to meet one on one with incoming mission participants, please contact Kathy Hahn (01) 647-222-5136