A Career in Music – The Other 12 Step Program

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The Music Management Bible, Revised Edition

This is Your Definitive Guide to understanding Music Management. Produced in association with the Music Managers' Forum (MMF). Author: Nicola Riches HL11183 BUY (Save 10% - Use coupon code … [Read more...]

All You Need to Know About the Music Business – 8th Edition

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Musicians and the Law in Canada, 3rd Edition

This book provides a fully current overview of the law,  contracts and the legal issues confronting musicians in Canada. Author: Paul Sanderson CW003 BUY (Save 10% - Use coupon code "CAAMA") … [Read more...]


Future Hit.DNA actually dissects the elements to a hit song based on the technology that delivers the music. Author: Jay L Frank JF001 BUY (Save 10% - Use coupon code "CAAMA") … [Read more...]