Canadian Music Week 2020 ‘Spotlight on The Netherlands’

Canadian Music Week highlights the Netherlands in Toronto from May 20-22, 2020.

The CMW ‘Spotlight on the Netherlands’ supports the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands by Canada. The activity is designed to build new bridges for bilateral music trade relations between Canada and the Netherlands.

Neill Dixon, president of Canadian Music Week states, “We are proud to welcome the first official music mission to Canada from the Netherlands and look forward to opening new trade routes for both Dutch and Canadians to do business together.”

“We are excited about the extensive program we have prepared together with the Canadian Music Week team for Dutch artists and music professionals. Thorough preparations of this mission fit perfectly with the current professionalization of Dutch Music Export. Giving more attention to the Canadian music industry has been on the wish list of many Dutch artists for years and we are proud of this collaboration,” says Marcel Albers, ‘Chef de Mission’ Dutch Music Export.

A growth market, with an increase in revenue of 4.2 percent year over year, the Netherlands’ ranks 11th worldwide for its total music market, including #11 for recorded music; #6 for Performance Rights, #11 for Streaming, #22 for Other Digital, #11 for Synchronization and #11 for Physical. It is one of 38 countries where digital formats supplied more than half of all revenues, with total music revenues of US $295.1 million. Seventy-one percent of its revenue is from streaming, with engagement and revenues increasing, as consumers continued to turn away from digital downloads and physical formats.

Streaming revenues grew by 14.6 percent (US $19.4 million) to US $151.8 million. Subscription Audio Streams were the major part of this income and revenue from all three categories of streaming increased year-on-year. The continued decline in physical revenue also included a fall in vinyl income in 2018 in contrast to growth in the previous four years. Vinyl sales account for more than a third (34.3 percent) of all physical income in the Netherlands.

It is home to one of the most important industry events for European artists, Eurosonic. Top indie labels include 8 Ball, Armada, BOEP, Challenge, Cloud 9, CNR, PIAS, Rotterdam Airlines, Sonic Rendezvous, V2 Records and VoSound.

Based on data from 2018, The Netherlands has 16.4 million internet users, which represents 97 percent of the total population. Data from the Thuiswinkel Market Monitor shows there are 13.5 million online shoppers in the Netherlands. E-commerce in the Netherlands was worth € 23.7 billion (Euros) in 2018, indicating an estimated growth of 10 percent compared the year before. In 2018, about 35 percent of online shoppers in the Netherlands used their smartphones to purchase goods and services over the internet. Online sales in the Netherlands currently account for 9.6 percent of the country’s retail industry.

Canadian Music Week is working with Global Affairs Canada, Ontario Creates, the Embassy of Canada to the Netherlands in The Hague, along with Dutch Music Export (DME) who have been instrumental in adding to the magnitude of the mission. DME is promoting the event to the Dutch music industry and will showcase the best in emerging Dutch talent to Canadian audiences and industry professionals during CMW.

To advance this initiative, the European Music Exporters Exchange (EMEE) has, for the first time, allowed a Canadian panel at ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag), which takes place in Groningen, the Netherlands from January 15 to 18, 2020.

Nuno Saraiva, the Portuguese-Canadian Executive Director of WHY Portugal who leads the panel, notes: “The session will explore the Canadian music market. Neill Dixon (CAAMA, CMW) has been invited as a panelist, along with and Marcel Louwman (Embassy of Canada in the Netherlands).