2020 Market Access Guide on Poland


The Canadian Association for the Advancement of Music and the Arts (CAAMA), in association with Canadian Music Week, is opening up access for Canadian artists and music companies to do business with music companies and market specialists from Poland.

As part of the 2020 program, CAAMA will provide the opportunity for an Official music delegation from Poland to participate in the Canadian Music Week SPOTLIGHT ON POLAND (Spring 2020) at the Sheraton Centre Hotel, Ontario, Canada.

In advance of the upcoming Spotlight on Poland, and to facilitate market entry, CAAMA has produced the MARKET ACCESS GUIDE TO POLAND.

Poland, the largest market in the region, has a population of 38.58 million (of which 61% is urbanized), with 25.6 million active smartphone users (66.5 of the population). By 2022, the share of monthly active smartphone users is projected to reach 64.14 percent of the total population. This would be an increase of almost 19 percent from 45.36 percent in 2016.

Poland boasts 27.92 internet users, with 72% of the population online, and 54.54 million mobile subscriptions (141% of the population indicating many have keep two or more SIM cards). Their telecom market is one of the largest in Europe. According to the country’s Office of Electronic Communications, it was worth $USD10.36 billion in 2016. Poland has 15 million active social media users, of which 12 million (or 31%) access it via their smartphone, at a growth rate of 20% as year-over-year.


For a copy of the Market Access Guide to Poland, please email info@caama.org