CAAMA wrapped 2022 with a successful round of Virtual B2B meetings with Intl. Music Supervisors

CAAMA members met virtually in December with international  music supervisors and sync agents from Chile, Colombia, Mexico, United Kingdom and the USA (plus Argentina and Germany in Absentia) The buyers specializied in music placements fpr screen based media around the world.

This was followed by an interactive webinar on everything you needed to know about international music placement for a broader general audience under the well-established CMW Virtual Voices branding.


CAAMA worked with international in-market consultants and companies to solicit buyers for each of the sector sessions. Business Profiles for Canadian participants were sent to the foreign parties in advance of the meetings; each Canadian received the same B2B details on the international meeting hosts in advance of the meeting sessions.


Each of the three B2B sessions was two hours long, allowing for 10 minutes per meeting host. Meetings were ten minutes each (eight-minute meetings with a two-minute turnaround). The hosts remained in one location for the duration while Canadians circulated to each meeting.


CAAMA organized 192 virtual meetings between Canadians and international buyers specializing in music placements and synch opportunities for screen-based media from five countries: Chile, Colombia, Mexico, USA and the UK.  Fourteen (14) international participants met with 24 unique Canadians during a two-hour session on Mon. Dec. 12, 2022 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM EST on a secure, virtual meeting platform customized to CAAMA’s specifications by EventDex.

Additional meetings are taking place outside the session for another four Canadians and another six music supervisors who were not able to attend day of. All missed meetings due to emergencies, internet blackouts etc. will be made up outside the session. Ther meetings generated from $406,750 to $1,622,000 in potential and actual revenue.

Overall outcomes for the series of trade activities organized in 2022 generated from 2 to 4 million in potential or actual revenue, surpassing 2021 from 69% to 141%, indicating the success of CAAMA’s efforts to keep members connected and doing business in growth industries from around the world.