The THUMP Guide to Music Publishing

So you’ve made a piece of music. A jam, if you will, or better yet—a few jams. Rad! These days, anyone with the drive and a hard drive can acquire the tools to produce, mix, and even master songs. If you’re an independent artist, it’s important that you know how to handle your business. THUMP’s Guide to Music Publishing is a brief intro to a small but important facet of the journey from aspiring producer to superstar.

Just as music production has become more accessible, the music business has become somewhat more complicated. In many ways, the laws that govern recorded music have struggled to keep up with the ways that music is distributed—especially online. Therefore, these guidelines aren’t always cut and dry. The music business is a business and it’s chief aim is to ensure all parties—songwriter, producer, label, DJ, manager, agent, publisher, etc—profit from every aspect of a song. From digital sales, streaming, live performances, music video, radio airplay, even straggling physical sales all leading up to Pitbull hitting you up for a sample, every component of your music can make you money… if you play it right.

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