Revenue Canada Petitioned to Simplify Regulation 105

Revenue Canada has been petitioned by a collective of 17 performing arts organizations seeking to simplify Regulation 105, which currently requires businesses to withhold 15 percent of fees, commissions, and any other amount paid to non-resident contractors for services rendered in Canada, including an exemption on the withholding tax and simplification of waiver rules.

In a detailed proposal, the petitioning organizations, which include the Canadian Independent Music Association, the National Arts Centre, Music Canada Live and others, have recommended the following immediate and long-term amendments:

1. Develop Performing Arts Specific Guidelines
2. Exempt Deposits from Withholding
3. Streamline and Centralize the Application Process by Using Electronic Means of Submission and Communication
4. Increase and Index Waiver Threshold

Read the full report here: CAPACOA