FYI Music News – By The Numbers: Canada 2019 Year End Music Report

The numbers have been tallied for 2019 and for the past decade. What follows is a snapshot taken from the 49-page Nielsen Music/MRC Data Canada Year-End Report that was released Thursday.

Aggregated numbers for total Album equivalent consumption that combines sales and on-demand channels give an 18.1% lift over equivalent 2018 data, for a TEA ‘consumption’ tally of 75.4M.

On-demand audio song streams increased in the year by 31.2%

On-demand video songs increased by 59.7%. 

Combined on-demand streams increased by 36.8%.

Total physical Album sales declined 23.3%, to 10.4M copies.

Digital Album sales declined 24.5%, to 3.8M copies.

CD sales declined 26%, to 5.5M copies.

Vinyl LP sales increased by 2.2%, to 1.3M copies.

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