2012 Ending the Free Ride

What are the tools in the battle against digital theft? How effective can they be? How should their impact be measured? These were the core questions for discussion among international music … [Read more...]

2011 Profiting From Piracy

“Piracy is profitable.” “We’re not demonizing the end user; we’re talking about people stealing…and then making money off of what we’ve created.” These are the words of filmmaker Ellen Seidler, who … [Read more...]

2010 Summary and Analysis

Musicians are the canaries in a coal mine. You can measure the decency of a civilization by how well the musicians make out.’ ‘We should not have to sing for our supper. Touring lacks dignity.’ ‘We … [Read more...]

2009 Summary and Analysis

ISPs can take the lead – but how? Governments must do more – but in what way? Technology may provide the answer – but at what cost? The debate on Internet governance, the role of ISPs and of … [Read more...]

2008 Summary and Analysis

Music piracy. The importance and future direction of regulation. The role of ISPs in the world of unauthorized downloads. All of these issues – and many more – were on the minds of participants at … [Read more...]