Do You Stand For Music? Speak Out Against Tariff 8

On May 16, the Copyright Board of Canada released a long-awaited decision on royalty rates for streaming services. This decision, called Re:Sound Tariff 8 - Non-Interactive & Semi-Interactive … [Read more...]

2014 Report on Germany

Germany’s music market ranks third among its international counterparts and is one of the most important market areas worldwide. No other country boasts a comparable concentration of live clubs and … [Read more...]

Are You Ready to Take The Next Step to Becoming A Star?

Are you Canada’s next great musical act? Are you looking for your big break? CBC Music and CBC Radio One want to help launch your career with Searchlight, a competition that connects artists with … [Read more...]

Over 223 Billion New Streams in 2013

The online music industry continues to grow at a rapid clip. Next Big Sound tracked more than 6 billion new fans, and more than 223 billion streams in 2013. This is an increase that speaks to not only … [Read more...]

New Round of Music Supervisors Announced for CMW’s Synch Summit

CMW is pleased to announce a second round of music supervisors confirmed for the 2014 Global Synch & Consumer Brands Summit.  The largest gathering of music supervisors in Canada ever, this Synch … [Read more...]