Canadian Music Week’s “CMW Startup Launch Pad”, a pitch competition for new businesses that are based in or connected to the Music Industry. The competition will take place during this year’s … [Read more...]

Congrats @The Nursery as the @Jim Beam #MakeHistory Talent Search winners in Toronto

Congrats @The Nursery as the @Jim Beam #MakeHistory Talent Search winners in Toronto. Next stop Montreal tonight at @Petit Campus #CMW2017 … [Read more...]

How to get booked – Inside the Minds of Booking Agents, Managers, Talent Buyers …

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Paul Shaffer & The World’s Most Dangerous Band Releasing New Album

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Science Says Piano Players’ Brains Are Very Different From Everyone Else’s

By Daniel Owen van Dommelen -  LifeHack: The piano is a beautiful instrument. Its players often come across as mysterious; these people who have spent hundreds of hours practicing scales and repeating … [Read more...]