Archives for December 2014

Grappling With the ‘Culture of Free’ in Napster’s Aftermath

Once upon a time, a new technology happened along. It was called radio. Soon enough, some people began plucking wireless transmissions out of the air for their own purposes. One clever young man in … [Read more...]

FACTOR Program Changes & Budget Adjustments

FACTOR has announced a number of program changes for Fiscal 2014-2015. Whether you are a Canadian musician or music company, take a moment to get familiar with the new budget adjustments, funding … [Read more...]

Drake Leads Canada’s Profile at 2015 GRAMMYs

Canada’s standing at the 57th annual is spartan given the awards program nominates five entrants each across 82 categories (yes, you read that correctly: 82). Rudely, MAGIC’s summertime hit “Rude” … [Read more...]

14 Ways to Make Money From One Song

As with any business, your products and services (whether they be your recordings, tours, merch, or anything else) are the stars of the show. They generate revenue and keep your music career afloat. … [Read more...]

Apple Deleted Rivals’ Songs from Users’ iPods

Apple deleted music that some iPod owners had downloaded from competing music services from 2007 to 2009 without telling users, attorneys for consumers told jurors in a class-action antitrust suit … [Read more...]