Archives for November 2014

Bandcamp to help musicians launch their own subscription services

Artists will be able to set their own price, release exclusive songs and send messages to their keenest fans Bandcamp launched in 2008 as a way for musicians to run their own online stores selling … [Read more...]

YouTube lands indie label deal for upcoming streaming music service

YouTube has signed a crucial licensing deal for its long-in-the-works streaming music service with Merlin, an agency that represents thousands of independent record labels. That's according to a … [Read more...]

The Art of the Steal: Copyright in Retreat

The copyright wars have flared up anew. In the 1990s, rights owners seemed ascendant. Intellectual property was folded into the international trade system, with strict global enforcement against … [Read more...]

A Career in Music – The Other 12 Step Program

"A Career in Music" examines where the money is for Canadian artists and how to get it. It examines how to identify and take advantage of income opportunities, with direction to necessary online … [Read more...]

What SoundCloud’s Deal with Warner Music Really Means for Its Future

Big things are happening in the world of SoundCloud. After months of tough negotiations, the audio-sharing service finally signed a deal with its first major label, Warner Music. Under this new deal, … [Read more...]