Archives for September 2014

U.S. Music Sales Drop 5%, as Habits Shift Online

As the music industry evolves, there has been no doubt that online streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and YouTube are growing fast, and generating more revenue for artists and record … [Read more...]

The Day The Music Died

It’s always been a mixed blessing to live next to the economic and cultural behemoth to our south.  On one hand we have access to the world’s largest market, while still enjoying the more liberal and … [Read more...]

SiriusXM Copyright Battle: What Does the Latest Ruling Mean for Digital Music

The U.S. Federal Court decision that SiriusXM violated the Turtles' pre-1972 master copyrights by playing their music without licensing it or paying performance royalties is a big win for the music … [Read more...]

Apple’s Beats Music Brand May Go Away. Apple’s Beats Music Service Is Sticking Around

Earlier this year, Apple bought Beats Music and Beats Electronics for $3 billion. Since then, CEO Tim Cook has gone out of his way to rave about the Beats Music subscription service, which sells … [Read more...]

What Artists Should Know About Next Big Sound

Perhaps you don’t sell too many albums on iTunes, or have that many SoundCloud plays or YouTube views. But maybe, just maybe, your music is really popular in some far off corner of the digital … [Read more...]