2013 Report on Japan

Japan, an archipelago of 6,852 islands with 47 prefectures, has the world’s tenth largest population with over 127 million people. Its area of 377,873 km2 is close to that of Germany and Switzerland. The greater Tokyo area is the largest metropolis in the world with a population of around 36 million, more than the entire population of Canada. The city of Tokyo alone has 13.6 million people and the highest population density at 6,017 persons per km2, almost 18 times more than the national average. Prefectures of Kanagawa (capital: Yokohama), Osaka, Aichi (capital: Nagoya) and Saitama each have a population of more than 7 million. Per the last census conducted by the Statistics Bureau of Japan in 2010 there are 50.93 million households in Japan and 57% of which are a nuclear-family (two or more persons) households.


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